Who is the best limo service to call?

1558577Before I even arrived in Las Vegas, I just knew that I had to get myself a limousine. I was already staying at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Spa, so the least I can do is rent a nice black on black stretch limo. I didn’t really know anyone here in Vegas, so I did what any person would do and that was ask. I ask everyone I came across the question, “Do you know any good limo rental companies around here? I asked the front desk, the person who carried my luggage, the person serving my food, the taxi cab driver. Basically anyone around me, I probably asked them. I was hoping to get a consistent limousine service name pop up repeatedly, but I got nothing. The most I heard was a limo company name twice, but I two times is not enough for me. I wasn’t satisfied, so I pulled out my iPhone and went to Google and searched for las vegas limos. I went through all the limo companies listed on page one and I started to go through all the Google reviews and yelp reviews. This one company I found had a lot of positive reviews, with some complaints but for the majority of them they were positive and glowing. So I gave them a call and the phone rep was very nice and professional. Their rates were not over priced when I compared them to their competitors. The fleet were all brand new and I think the oldest limousine they had in their fleet was only 3 years old, so I was impressed. They had the Cadillac crystal white limo which holds a party of four.


They also had a sweet looking party bus which can hold a whole football team, but I am not going to go there because it was only me but next time I come here with that many people, I will definite get that Black Tiffany Party bus. They had leather interior and everything just look expensive and high end. Eventually, I ended up picking the white Cadillac limousine. I rented it out for about 6 hours and the limo driver took me everywhere I wanted to go, every casino and every shop I wanted to visit. I visited the MGM, Planet Hollywood, Trump, Bellagio, Mirage and The Palazzo. I pretty much visited every casino they had on the strip. So if your in Vegas, check out Top Vegas Limos. Speaking of casinos, the one casino that makes it as one of my top three favorite casinos has to be Pechanga. If your not familar with this casino, you should really visit them. They are located in Temecula, California also know as the Temecula Wine Valley because that city is loaded with wineries all over the place. I was never a big fan of wine until I came here. I called one of my exclusive limo drivers who worked for Temecula Limo and he came and picked me up within an hour. How cool is that? Even the limousines in Vegas don’t even come that fast. I have been using them for 10 years and they have never failed me. Their limos were also updated every 1-3 years and the services is just top notch. So if your not in Vegas but are near Temecula aka the Wine Country Party, Murrieta or in Winchester, I would definitely check them out.

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Did you watch the video yet? If so, thank you for watching it even though you may not have a dog or even like dogs in the first place. Before reading any further, let me make this clear, that this site is not about dogs or pets. I may mention a dog or pet in one of my posts but this is not what this site is strictly about. Top Dirs symbolizes Top Dogs as in the best in its craft, sport, industry or business…. I’m sure you get the idea now.

If your the type of person who doesn’t want to have to go through all the obstacles, trials and errors or time wasters when it comes to finding out who is the best at what, then you have came to the right place. What do you mean? For example, you are wondering what is the best burger restaurant to go to and what is the best time to go when it is not too busy? I have a prom or homecoming approaching soon, who is the best limo rental service in my area? I just spilled red wine that I purchased from the winery last weekend, so who is the best carpet cleaning company in the city?

More than likely, I have already came across these answers myself and I have already found out who and I would like share not only my answers and solutions, but my stories and journey  of what I had to go through to get these answers in the first place. This may seem kind of forward or simple, but it is actually funny and entertaining. No matter how simple my day was, for some reason I can always find at least one thing that will put a smile on my face or having me crying in tears.

Not only you will love visiting this site, you will get answers to those questions lingering in your head and also get a laugh out of it too. The way I will start and build this site will mostly be words. Then as I build my audience, I will start switching up my style to keep this site fresh and unique. So for example, one post I will use no pictures, just all words, then another post it will have mostly pictures and little text. Sometimes I may even use infographics and no text because I can see that these are pretty popular now a days. Sometimes I will also use just one image and then have you guess on what it is or what is about because I like to engage with all my readers.

So whenever you visit this site, be on the look out because you will never know what to expect. It may suprise you, anger you, excite you, disappoint you or even make you hate me. Either way, you will be entertained while getting the answers to life and just the simple things in life.

I hope you have enjoyed this welcome post as I will have more coming soon, so feel free to check back soon and see what other exciting posts I have. Peace

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